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Jersey Printing Process

First We Print The Design, Then We Cut And Sew It Into The Jersey

This is how we do it at Just Vision It and it’s the only way to create a quality product. We have a process in place which begins with assisting with designs, and then the printing of the material, followed by cutting and sewing of the product and finally, packing the finished product to be delivered either back to the printer or direct to the client. Each jersey is cut and sewn in house so we can customize them to your requirements. We sew special collars, pockets, seaming, etc.

First, we acknowledge the client is yours. We are just providing a drop ship service. We won’t contact the client for business and should they for some reason contact us directly we will advise them we are a wholesale printer service only. If the client is a club manager that could have contacted us directly, we will still refrain from doing business directly with this client.
We receive your order for jersey printing from your printing business. The order is complete with the finished jersey artwork which meets our technical specifications.
We may do a small print run and cut/sew a single jersey to ensure the print and design is right, which you or your client can approve. Alternatively, you can approve the design from a digital mock-up.
With the design confirmed and tested, we complete the desired size print run and cut/sew the jerseys.
Everything is checked and double checked throughout the entire process prior to packaging.

We pack the jerseys and ship them directly to your client.

Problems are extremely rare but in the event something goes wrong, expect us to work hard to rectify it quickly. The entire manufacturing process happens in house so resolving any problems is quick and easy. This is something an overseas printer will never be able to match.