Printing Services

Just Vision It is a custom manufacturer utilizing wide format dye sublimation and other printing capabilities onto fabric, apparel, home decor, accessories and more.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is a method of dyeing a polyester fabric (or other synthetic fiber) by transferring ink from “transfer” paper into the substrate. The image is transferred by heating the printed transfer roll paper to 400 and transforming it into a gas, which then bonds to the fabric and embeds into the material. At this point, the dyes have infused into the fabric, rather than bonding to the top of the fabric like in other printing methods.
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Fabric Printing
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Commercial Services

Our commercial division offers more products/services to meet your higher demand commercial needs – hardware, large scale fabric, soft signage, and more.
G7 Master Printer
G7 is a process, a color calibration method, that allows printers to gain repeatability across the gamut of printing devices and substrates. Just Vision It is a recognized G7 Master Printer. A G7 professional’s printers are calibrated to a neutral target. JVI has gone through a certification process to ensure we are printing at the highest standard available.