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Photo Backdrops

JVI prints standard and custom size wholesale backdrops from your supplied files with high resolution, crisp 8-Color printing (1st in the USA), in large sizes and without seams.


Because of the advancement of our printers and the ink technologies that accompany it, the design on your backdrop can keep its vivid colors and remain in good quality for over 10 years, depending on the fabric chosen and the amount of use it gets.

The photography industry needs backdrops designs that are vibrant, wrinkle resistant, high-quality and easy to work with. Old seamless backdrops tore and didn’t last, vinyl backdrops had and ugly glare, canvas wrinkled. JVI backdrops are a perfect fit for most all photo studios: children’s photography, fine art, pre-school, senior portraits, weddings, sports and commercial photography.

We have a variety of polyester fabrics and finishing to choose from that come in standard sizes with custom printed solutions available at the best price in the market.

Fabrics used for wholesale photography backdrops

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G7 Master Printer
G7 is a process, a color calibration method, that allows printers to gain repeatability across the gamut of printing devices and substrates. Just Vision It is a recognized G7 Master Printer. A G7 professional’s printers are calibrated to a neutral target. JVI has gone through a certification process to ensure we are printing at the highest standard available.

Commercial Services

Our commercial division offers more products/services to meet your higher demand commercial needs – hardware, large scale fabric, soft signage, and more.